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 We cannot make poverty history if we do not make war history. 

The African Union has listed Peace and Stability as the top priority for the development of their continent.


"Violence not only claims lives, but also unravels the very fabric of society, leaving schools and hospitals destroyed and a devastated population suffering the physical and psychological toll."

Many organizations have tried to legislate peace initiatives with a top down approach. At World Embrace, our mission is to create a grassroots movement of unity and reconciliation that enables local leaders to come together and build bridges of relationship that will sustain peace within the nation.




Approximately 85% of Ugandans would say they are Christian. That means that Christians have been on all sides of the violent conflicts that have plagued Uganda. We believe that if this majority can come together in unity, they will be the arms that hold together the fabric of society and peace in Uganda.

We strategically bring together Christian leaders who are from different tribal and denominational backgrounds to build bridges of relationship. Leaders who have been through our 6 month training then go out to lead their own diverse training groups. The grassroots movement has begun!

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When local leaders work together, we can address systemic issues.

Leaders from across a region come to the table with diverse perspectives that bring valuable insight and clarity to the bigger picture. The group can trace current societal problems to their historical root/origin. Equipped with this knowledge, comprehensive strategies can be developed to bring healing and positive change. 

When enough leaders determine to work together to address a systemic issue, a tipping point is reached where lasting change can happen.

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