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Your donation to help build Gulu Community Park will help shape the future of an entire generation.

The park will provide vulnerable youth, who could otherwise fall through the cracks, a safe place to play, socialize and build community.

We work directly with the Gulu community to ensure that each program is locally driven

and able to meet their needs. We’re here to listen and to help them become a community that is united, first in spirit, then through tangible projects.

Giving youth a place to PLAY, LEARN AND GROW

In 2020, World Embrace purchased 22 acres and broke ground on the Gulu Community Park. It will be the first large scale community project of its kind in Northern Uganda and one of the biggest community hubs

in East Africa.

This youth park will be a catalyst for change in Gulu. It will be a neutral destination for organizations and churches to come together and positively impact the youth of Gulu.


MAY 2022

10 swings, 2 metal playgrounds, and a massive wooden playground will allow kids to run, play and explore! 





Kid City is an interactive city that mixes fun, learning and inspiration through role play. Kids can explore a scaled city of over 1000 square meters (10,800 square feet) with many independent and programmed activities.

Kids can explore career opportunities, learn about the world and dream about the future. Kids can do amazing things when given the chance!



This 236 square meter (2,540 square feet) library and cinema will have a mix of book and tablet based learning.

A projector will show educational videos and allow books to be read to hundreds of children at once. 

The library will help children develop a love for books and learning. This leads to choice reading, vocabulary increase, higher fluency, and greater breadth and depth of  knowledge.