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What is the As One Life Experience?

The As One Life Experience was developed to disciple the Body of Christ to live in love, to walk in unity and to serve their communities together. 

We believe that when churches move from working alone to working together, they can have an exponentially larger impact on their communities.


The As One Life Experience is designed for small groups. The most effective groups are made up of people from diverse denominations and backgrounds. Each group enters into a commitment to meet together to study the principles of unity and to grow together in biblical relationship.  


After meeting for six months, they will each begin a similar small group of no more than 12 local leaders from their own area to repeat the process they themselves are experiencing.  As the movement develops these local groups will continue to multiply.  The overall As One Life Experience study is designed to be reproducible, scalable and sustainable.

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They continue to grow closer to the Lord and to each other.  Some are starting to share their resources and their pulpits with one another.

Many of the leaders are now starting their own groups and the multiplication effect is starting! 


These leaders are also making plans to share this training throughout Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan.

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