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Going to Gulu, Uganda in 2018 changed my life forever. It's the second largest city in Uganda where over half of the population is under 15! One of those basic necessities in life that we take for granted in North America is a safe, free place to learn, dream and explore. These children have grown up surrounded by the effects of a 22-year rebel war and so desperately need this.

Touched by the great need of the children and the great opportunity we have to make an incredible difference in countless lives, I decided to spearhead the effort to build and furnish the EXP Library. This will be a key part of Gulu Community Park. Watch this under 5 minute video about the park and the EXP Library here.

This library is going to play such an important role in children's lives now and for generations to come!


As an EXP Icon, I am asking all my fellow EXP Icons to help in building the EXP Library! We are living EXPotential lives here at EXP, let's help them live theirs! All donations are tax-deductible.

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The EXP Library will be a place
where the children of Gulu will:

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EXPerience God's Best

The library will help children develop a love for books and learning. This leads to choice reading, vocabulary increase, higher fluency and greater breadth and depth of knowledge. 

This nearly 2,100 sq. ft. learning center will be brimming with a mix of books and reading areas. This colorful space will inspire imagination, creativity and aspirations.  

Hundreds of children each day will be able to come to a free, safe place to learn, have fun, make friendships & grow in relationship with God!

EXPlore What is Possible

EXPand Their Minds


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Meet the Children •                              • See the Plans

in being a part of something that is going to change a legacy in a generation forever!

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Copyright 2024. World Embrace is a 501 (c)(3) in the USA and a registered charity in Canada and Uganda

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