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When leaders don't work together, it can be very difficult to make big things happen. 

We all want to see lasting positive change! When projects only treat the symptoms of problems and do not identify and address the root issues, what can we expect?

How can we identify the root problems? How can we create effective plans to address root issues?

We believe that when leaders come together in unity, they are our best chance to solve these issues and create lasting positive change. 

We bring leaders together in large group settings and small group intensives.

To build bonds of relationship, we invite core leaders to a 6 month training module. Small groups of 12 or less from diverse backgrounds spend 1 week a month working together. Forgiveness, reconciliation and unity are major themes in the curriculum they work through. 

Upon completion, each leader commits to lead their own group of 12. 

As leaders spend time together, they build relationships of trust and talk about the problems facing their communities. Together, they come up with ideas and strategies to create lasting positive change. 

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When local leaders identify the projects that their community needs the most, it ensures:

1. High impact projects. Local leaders know what their people need. 

2. Long term sustainability. Local leaders have initiated the project and are invested in its success.

3. Local leaders are empowered to keep changing their communities.

Once a project is identified, we work alongside local leaders to build project plans, budgets and a strategy for success. 

We invest the money we raise into approved projects. We then provide oversight and manage the finances to ensure every dollar is invested properly.

We are training leaders from across Uganda. Presently, all of our projects are based in Gulu.

Northern Uganda experienced 22 years of war. There has been peace since 2007 and society is rebuilding. 

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